Natural Functional Medicine PreConception & Fertility Planning

Benefits of Natural PreConception & Fertility Planning

Creating Your Optimal Pregnancy Success Naturally

Why it matters

Increased long-term health benefits for both mother and partner. Men reap the benefits of Natural Medicine for enhancing fertility as well. Ensuring optimal sperm quality and sperm count is a significant factor for a couple trying to conceive.

Newborn Baby
Young Couple Expecting

Increased fertility and successful conception rate (greater than twice that of IVF which has, at best, a 30% success rate) especially if over 31 years of age.

Significant increase in full term pregnancies, better birth weights along with improved mental well being.

Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman
Baby Holding Parent

Natural Pre-Conception and Fertility Planning lets your miraculous body create a new beautiful life naturally, the way it was designed to, while improving overall health for both mother and baby.

Strong healthy newborn with less chance of most childhood diseases including autism, asthma, ADD/ADHD, allergies, autoimmune diseases like childhood diabetes etc

Listening to baby's lungs
Lesbian Couple with Baby

Less illness and diseases across the entire lifespan of child, including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and psychological disorders.

Increased IQ of child and greater lifetime potential for their True Self.

Jumping on the Bed
Pregnant Woman

Reduced level of environmental toxins for baby and mom with prevention of genetic damage.

About Natural PreConception & Fertility Planning

You can increase your chances of fertility and conception by as much as 70% or greater naturally even if over 31 years of age, while approaching Optimal Health for you and your
New Born and also Dad.

Energy work will support you on your journey!

We take a holistic approach to care because the mind/body connection is a critical element to getting the results you want. We will help you release energy that isn't serving you and help you embody the energy that will!


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